How and Why Comfy Fit Clothing

Being plus sized for most of my life, I’ve always struggled to get clothes that fit me well and I feel comfortable and confident on. I’ve never been able to go clothes shopping and grab something off the peg that didn’t make me look frumpy or the size of a house. I ended up making quite a few tops and dresses at my local sewing class.
Comfy fit came about by accident really. A friend of mine who I had worked with for about 7 years in the seamless manufacturing industry (Chaffree) bought her own factory but rather than seamless it was cut and sew. I popped in to see her to wish her well and if I’m honest it was like walking into a sweetie shop. The knits, fabrics and textiles (she made everything from scarfs, throws, jumpers, tops, blankets) was really inspiring and by the time I walked out of her new factory I was already planning on making my favourite tops but in my style of comfort.
That is basically how Comfy Fit Clothing came about. With the help of friends, family and other ladies I had worked with in my other online business (Chaffree- anti chafing underwear) we tried, tested, amended, improved garments and eventually ended up with the first collection. Yes there has been mainly pitfalls along the way including all the first order being wrongly sized and had to go back for complete re-sizing but we got there in the end.
I firmly believe that all women regardless of their size should feel good and comfortable in their clothes. If you feel good, look good and feel comfortable then you’ll ooze confidence.
Comfy Fit Clothing is for all plus size women. I personally think that plus size starts at a size 18 but I have been corrected many times. I’ve started this collection at a size 14, not because I think that is plus size but mainly to please my mum, who is a size 14 and loves the range (got to keep mum happy, she looks after the animals and business whilst I’m on holiday)
Initially I was going to go to a size 28 but then was asked by one of my friends (Georgina) to go a couple of sizes bigger, which will help to expand the customer base as she knew some ladies who seriously struggle to get clothes in sizes 30/32, so I did.
Anyway, that is a little bit about Comfy Fit Clothing. I really hope you like the collection and please like, share and post comments on our facebook and instagram pages with the hashtag #MyComfyFit as I love to find out what works well for you, what you want to see more of, or any ideas that you have for styles. We have a monthly giveaway, so anyone who shares their photos in their comfy fit garments with the hashtag #mycomfyfit will automatically be entered.
This is the start of Comfy Fit Clothing (April 2019). I have lots and lots of plans for dresses, jackets, scarves, wraps and everything that helps women just like myself, feel good, comfy and confident in their clothes.
Amanda Whaley
Founder Comfy Fit Clothing.