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Our Vision is to have an everyday comfort clothing range that enables you to feel comfortable, confident and in control in the clothes that you wear. With our parent company Chaffree Ltd we are also able to provide you with extra protection of anti chafing underwear enabling you peace of mind without the concern of  sweating or skin irritations. Giving people a garment that they instantly reach for in their wardrobe as they enjoy the benefits of a great fit, easy care and good quality fibre (much of which is made in the UK)  whilst still meeting all of their demands regardless whether they are wearing it for work, rest or play.


dynamic discounts

Mix & Match

We believe in selling items separately enabling you to mix & match and get the exact garments that you want in whatever colour you want and style. You may want to just buy the same garment in all the colours available or have 3 completely different garments but still want a discount for multi-buying. The choice is yours with our flexible Mix & Match option.



Customer Care

We care about our customers and the experience that they have from start to finish with us. This includes the buying experience they have online, the customer experience they have with our online team right through to the experience they have when wearing our garments. We know that happy customers, like, share, recommend and remain loyal to us, our products and our services. Where they receive excellent customer service, excellent products and excellent after sales service. This is our aim and we have many ‘customer focused services’ in place to ensure that we achieve our goal.



open 24hrs a day 7 days a week

Open 24Hrs a Day 7 Days a Week

We are open 7 days a week, 365 days a year and 24 hours a day. In other words you can shop with us anytime. Our online chat/help and telephone services is also available during the hours of 8am-8pm Monday to Friday and we also have 7 days a week email support which operates between the hours go 8am-10pm. Our aim is to respond to your email within 1 hour as we fully appreciate that you want an answer to your question as quickly as possible. We have also added a fully responsive facility to our website enabling you to have the best shopping experience regardless of what device you are using.


Payment Security

You can be confident in your browsing and buying experience with us as we have the latest security software that is available in order to ensure that your details are not shared or used for fraudulent use. Please don’t worry about sending your credit or debit card details via our website. All transactions are totally secure because all the details that you send to us are encrypted and sent across a secure connection. The secure pages include My Account pages, all the check out pages and the final confirmation page. The encryption technique we use is standard for e-commerce and is certified by Globalsign, one of the largest well respected certification authorities. Globalsign Certificates are trusted by all popular browsers, operating systems and mobile devices. Depending on which browser you are using, you may see different security features such as a padlock symbol or the address bar turning green. However, regardless of whether you’re using Internet Explorer, Firefox or any other browser, you can be confident that our site is safe and secure.


1 Click Repeat Order & Past Purchase History Review

If you want to browse through your history or  repeat your last order, you can go to your account, log in and select order history. Here we have added a 1 click repeat order facility, enabling you to quickly reorder your favourite items.