Here at Comfy Fit Clothing we try all our garments on real women, it not all just done from pattern and grading software. We try on, nip, tuck, extend and finally have a garment that goes back for sampling until we are are happy with the garment, then we send it out for manufacture.

There are 5 of us in total who are ‘Brand Ambassadors’  Here is a little bit about each women so that you can familiarise yourself with that person and know how garments fit on that persons height and build.


Amanda is a size 20/22, 5ft 4 and a traditional pear shape. Big boobs, big bum and big thighs is the way that she describes herself. She is 47 years old.

Amanda works from home on comfy fit clothing business and her other online business Chaffree (anti chafing underwear).

She has 3 dogs, chickens and ducks. She has recently taken up crocheting and makes dog blankets  and throws (she says they are only fit for that purpose). She enjoys being out with the dogs and going holidaying with her family.


Nicola is a size 16, 5ft 5 and rectangle shape (quite the same from top to bottom) Nicola is 53 years old.

Nicola is a busy business women and runs a PA service in Hull. She networks for business a lot and loves to wear dresses for work.

At night and weekends you will find Nicola with her dogs walking, hiking and running or touring the country in her motorhome. Nicola is looking to retire in the next few years and spend more time with her husband who has recently retired (motorhome was their retirement present to themselves).


Georgina is a size 24, 5ft 3 and pear shaped. After a car crash, Georgina now has chronic pain syndrome and spends most of her time in a wheelchair.

Georgina is a plus size blogger and you can follow her blog shemightbeloved

A very genuine ‘says it as it is’ kind of person.

Georginas hobbies are her blog, her cats and eating out. She really does love her job as a full time blogger.


Rebecca is a plus size model and a truly happy go lucky, fun mum. She is always smiling, bubbly and bouncy as well as being really pretty. She can light up a room as soon as she walks in and is always on the go.

Rebecca is a size 18 and 5ft 3 and pear shaped. She is 34 years old.

Rebecca likes to go all over the country doing photo shoots but is also a mum and wife. She loves kickboxing and also when she isn’t working and spend time with her family and friends.

You can follow Rebecca on her instagram page Rebecca Deighton